Bottom Marks - Video Swap Club

If you own any spanking videos or fetish films that you've seen and wish to exchange ...

... simply swap them here (privately and for free) for any titles you haven't seen yet!

... but there are NO charges for exchanging your CP videos, DVD's or CD photo collections!

What Can I Exchange?

As a Club Member, you can offer for exchange absolutely ANY product you like - from CP videos you've already seen, to DVDs, CD-Roms, and even magazines or books. You may also swap products and implements such as canes and restraints if you wish. Basically, if you own it, you can swap it here in the Swap Club!

How Does the Swap Club Work?
Members complete a simple online form to list the products they have available for exchange, along with any preference for items they would like in return. Your request will IMMEDIATELY appear for other CP Club Members to view.
(To make it easy for others, you should only list ONE item per advert, but you can place as many listings as you like).
Any person interested in exchanging with you will simply send you an email outlining what they have in exchange.
If you like what they offer - YOU contact them directly to clinch the deal and arrange the necessary. - It's that simple!!

How Can I Find Items I Want?
Simply enter the Member's Area (Login) and then choose the Video Swap Club option on your extensive Main Page Menu.
You will instantly see hundreds of goods (with & without photos) being offered for mutual exchange. Select the items you want and click "Contact Owner". Draft a brief email telling them which goods you want - and what you have to offer in exchange. If they like your offer, they will be in touch to arrange the method of exchange that suits you both best.

Can I Request Certain Items?
Of course you can. The boards are open to items offered AND items wanted. If you have been looking for something for ages, just list your request under the WANTED section. With thousands of people looking to exchange every day, you should find all your sought after items in next to no time!

Can I Sell my Goods?
NO. This service is for the FREE MUTUAL EXCHANGE of goods between private individuals and collectors only. Any requests for payment will therefore be removed from the board.

How Do I Get Started?
Members: If you are already a Club Member, simply click on the LOGIN options at the top or bottom of this page.
Visitors: If you are not yet a member, then you can join today just by clicking here - or take the tour for more info.

Full Club Membership costs just $8.99 p/m or £24.99 ($39.99) for an ENTIRE year AND also gives you access to everything else on our site, INCLUDING thousands of photos and video downloads!

Notice: Any items or goods placed on the board that are considered to be illegal under EEC or USA laws will be removed by Mistress Watson.

... then make use of our Swap Club and exchange it for FREE!

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