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Badly Behaved, Rude & Cheeky Girls ... Urgently Required!

  Female & Couple's Modeling Opportunities:

Ladies and Couples are always most welcome to apply for my movie & modeling roles ...

Whether you're just looking for a bit of fun, have a strong desire to indulge in a new experience, or designs on making your way into the film industry, BottomMarks will be pleased to help you!

.. Below is a Q&A section offering you the basic modeling information, plus answers to the some of the most frequently asked questions posed by new female applicants.

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Single Male Modeling Opportunities:

As you might imagine, I get many hundreds of male model applications for both submissive and dominant spanking roles. Whilst I can't possibly accept everyone who applies, there are most certainly roles available for those of you who look and fit the part, especially older gents.
Ideally male models should be over 40 yrs if wanting to play the lead in dominant roles.
In addition, there are also films offering group-roles and bit-parts where several males may be required to be onset at the same time. So whilst the pay, if any, for males may be low, and you may not always be the star of the film, you can certainly get a healthy taste for lifestyle!

Be A Spanking Model ..
  ... You MUST be over eighteen to take part.  POA will be required!!
You MUST be over 18 years to submit this request. You may cancel this service at any time.

 MY EYES ONLY:This data is for my use only, ie. contacting you, book your flights, etc
  Please ensure that the email address you use is 100% correct and the
one you'll check most regularly for any work offers and assignments.

Spanking Models Application:
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Any problems or questions .. please contact me     

Female models are welcome to attend with a friend. Full or partial nudity is generally required for sub work. No scenes of a sexual nature are expected, but if you would like or be willing to do an X-rated scene, please use the comments box to tell us.

First-time models may be required to appear for a test-shoot prior to actual filming.

Own Website: If you would like us to create you your very own website so that you can make regular monthly cash from your work, please tell us in the comments box above. We will chat to you about this and see what works best for you.

Non-Spanking Films: We also shoot (and collaborate with numerous producers who shoot) traditional adult work. This ranges from single-girl solo striptease to oral and HJ videos, to the standard hardcore movies. If you are interested in expanding your modeling to cover this type of work, please use the comments box above to tell us about the kind of work you will and will not consider doing.

COUPLES: If you are applying to model as a COUPLE, please complete one application each. Once you've registered you will be given the opportunity to link your modeling details to your partners.
PHOTOS: Once you have registered you will be required to submit at least two recent photos to your portfolio. You may upload a maximum of ten. They do not need to be professional.
UPDATES: You can edit and update your modeling portfolio and it's details at any time.

  Q&A .. Basic Information for New CP Models:

Ladies, Gents and Couples are always most welcome to apply for my modeling roles ...

No Experience Required: Whilst professional models are welcome to apply, BottomMarks prefers to work with fresh-faces and everyday-people such as housewives and the girl-next-door who have not already been filmed to oblivion by every other production company. So if you have little to no experience in the film industry, don't worry .. it will actually count in your favor!

Submissive & Dominant Roles: There are movie roles available for ladies who wish to be spanked, as well as for ladies who wish to administer the spankings. The choice is all yours.

Minimum Age: The minimum age for all our models is eighteen-years-of-age. (ID required).
There is no upper age limit, and ladies in their thirties and forties are especially welcome.

Submitting Photos: We get a great deal of model applications, not all of which are genuine, so my basic rules are that I do not work with anyone who cannot provide at least two recent photos, and can't chat to by telephone prior to confirming a shoot. Please have two photos ready before completing your application. These should not be professional. At least one photo must show your face, the other a full-length shot of your figure, (ideally either lingerie or nude for subs, with your all-important bottom clearly presented to view) .. No close-ups please!

Your Spanking Limits: Whether you know where your limits are or not, we'll respect them! Films are shot at a level you are comfortable with, and production will stop on your command should you feel you need a quick rest or wish to review the level of spankings being received.
That said, you must be able to take a good spanking or you'll just be wasting everyone's time.

Discretion & Nudity: Whilst films are not pornographic, partial or full nudity is unavoidable in most cases as spankings are generally on the bare. Likewise if you are severely worried about discretion, please do not apply. Whilst the chance of you ever being recognised by anyone you know are in excess of a million-to-one, we can offer no guarantees. You may of course wear a wig or hairpiece during filming, but masks are out unless the film's script specifically calls for it.

X-Rated and ADULT Scenes: Our inhouse films are generally 100% spanking, however we will arrange for a more adult story-line if you'd like to indulge your desires. (ie. You could get spanked for giving the gardener a blowjob, get caught having an affair with your teacher, or something equally corny). Such scenes are only done at your request, so if you are interested please use the comments box above to tell us about your naughty fantasy-script.

BDSM & Other Fetish Work: As well as spanking, we occassionally cast or can place roles for other fetish styles. We keep these to the lighter-side, so don't expect anything too heavy.

Non-Spanking Adult Productions: If your preference is for adult modeling, and you'd prefer to undertake sexual roles rather than spanking, then please let us know as we work closely with a number of adult and porn producers to film videos both in the UK as well as on location across most of Europe, Greece and Spain. Adult films are shot to your limits, and range from basic topless sets and solo-girl striptease, to lesbian work or simple handjob or BJ scenes, through to the typical full boygirl adult hardcore porn including group-sex film shoots.

Traveling & Location Work: As models apply from all over the world, and many films are shot either in Europe or the USA, some air-travel is usually involved. Food, accommodation and all agreed travel expenses are therefore always reimbursed. .. Think of it as a free holiday!!

Shoot Duration: There are several different film styles, ranging from quick 1-on-1 day-films to genuine movies with multiple cast. Depending on your travel requirements and available time, you may choose to be with us for just a few hours, or for several days. Those traveling longer distances may wish to stay for a week or so to shoot several films and have a short break to enjoy the sun! .. The beach is normally out as you'd look a little silly with an extra-red bottom!

Payment & Royalties: How much you earn depends on many factors, not least of which is the role you choose to play and terms of the payment agreement you settle on. On average you can expect to take home at least €400, but this can easily rise to well over €3000 for good actors in top roles, depending on your pay-grade and royalty deal. Rule of thumb is the more you can take the more you will make. Submissives always make more than doms, and regular model work pays more than first-time shoots. Royalties make up a large percent of your income so are extremely important as they allow our models to earn very huge sums of cash over time.

Stripes, Welts & Marks: Everyone naturally wants to know if their bottom will be marked, and if so, how long will the marks last? Well first thing to remember is our films are just acting, so although the spankings are very real, we do not ever leave lasting marks. Whilst skin types vary, and therefore so do the recovery times, most hand and strap marks are gone within a few hours or less. Heavy paddlings and canings can last a few days before becoming unnoticeable, and you'd really have to go for an extremely harsh caning to get marks lasting over a week. But again these are just estimates. All bums have their own time-scale so you'd be best positioned to know your body's sensitivity. Many girls get caned hard and barely even shown any marking.

Regular Film Work: As with all films, you will first need to pass a paid test-role before we offer you full-blown parts and regular work. If you prove you have what it takes and your first part goes down well with the viewers, you will be asked back. If your skills and willingness allow for you to make my "A-list", then there is no reason why you could not land your own mini-series!!

Get Your Very Own Website: If you are looking to become a model on a regular basis, and wish to earn cash 24-7 for your efforts, them please let me know. We have a web project that may well be of great interest to you. You'll get your very own profit-sharing web domain plus fully designed website with totally free hosting maintanance and construction. Basically we do all the work for you. Great for promotions, and it will also bring you a regular pay-cheque!

To apply as either a male Dom, Sub or Switch model, please go here
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