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... Probably the largest gallery of publicly uploaded spanking photos on the Internet!

What is iShare ~ (FreeView):
iShare offers you a very unique and extremely diverse collection of CP spanking images from all around the world. Because all the images have been uploaded by members of the general public they include amateur as well as professional CP pictures to suit every taste! - With new spanking & fetish images being added continuously, the iShare image archives just never stop growing!!!

FreeView means free-to-use and open to all visitors. Based on a "reward system", it is limited according to how much you wish to share in return. (Club Members have full unrestricted access). For every suitable spanking or fetish image you upload to iShare, iShare rewards you with a new batch of photos from the many thousands inside. ... The first batch below are on-the-house!!

Here Are The 30 Latest iShare Images:
Thumbs may appear distorted, but this is purely to preserve the layout of the image index pages.

To view the next batch of 30 Spanking, OTK, BDSM and fetish images, simply upload and share a photo of your own by using the image-upload panel just below these pics -- or to enjoy the entire iShare image board (and all 3341 spanking pics)
now, just login or signup to my members area.

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Basic iShare Info, Terms and Conditions:
• iShare Image, Video & iGallery access is only available to users stating they're OVER 18-years of age!
• Uploading can take a few seconds, depending on the size of your image and Internet connection speed.
• iShare Uploads are totally 100% discreet. Only the text of your Caption will accompany your image.
• Captions must relate exclusively to the image you selected. Personal data will NOT be allowed!!
• Images must be clear and sharp. All images must relate to spanking, fetish or BDSM interests.
• Uploads may not contain watermarks, trade logos, or knowingly be in breach of any copyright.
• Any photograph deemed to be unsuitable may be removed from iShare at the Webmistress's discretion.
• iShare-FreeView participants receive instant access to the latest images on the iShare-boards.
• This service is free and may be subject to amendments or upgrades without prior notice.
Technical restrictions apply to upload-image sizes and formats. (See below for full details).
• No liability is accepted by BottomMarks for any adult content or the severity of any public postings.
• iShare-FreeView is a limited version of my unrestricted club members multi-page ishare-image area.

• More about iShare-Images:
is a very simple concept that allows users to share any of the spanking photos they currently have stored on their own computer hard-drive. To gain instant access to iShare and view photos uploaded by other iShare Users, all you need to do is upload a spanking photo of your own so that other users may view, share and enjoy it too!

• Image Size and Format Restrictions:
Your image type must be either of a JPG or GIF format. Your photo's dimensions can be no smaller than 200 x 200 pixels, and it's file size must be under 300kb (0.3Mb).

• What Kind of Images may I Upload:
You may upload anything of a spanking, corporal punishment, or any related interest. Photos may be from your own personal collection, or simply professional images that you've saved or downloaded from elsewhere and feel that others may also like to see! They may be of men or women receiving spankings, and can be of any strength from a severe caning or birching to a gentle OTK hand spanking or a good slippering. They may be of clothed or bare-ass shots, showing the punishment itself or the marks it left.
... Basically you can upload virtually anything that complies with my basic T&Cs.
FreeView is about sharing - Simply put, the more you share the more you view!

• Total Discretion Assured:
Uploading to iShare is 100% discreet!! There are no dates, no names, personal data, numbers, nothing! Only the image and the caption you write to go with it are shown.

• iShare, you share, we all share for iShare ...
Access to iShare is fully automated. You upload a spanking photo, it gets added to the ever-growing boards, and you get instant access to the next big batch of images! There is no need to login, no special passwords - just upload and share a CP photo!!

View a quick-list of the LATEST 500 image captions used ...

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 iShare Videos
interactive Video system is growing rapidly!!
With its UNLIMITED resource of massive spanking videos (plus other fetish and adult productions)
iShare's public video program is available EXCLUSIVELY to club members!!

Upload, share and download all your favorite spanking video clips and full length movies from right around the globe!!
iShare's already one of the Fastest Growing video archives on the Internet.
It currently hosts -minutes of downloadable movie footage,
and all added for you by members of the public from around the world!
... and yet even more films get submitted to iShare every few hours!!
• iShare-Video - The Video Download Archive that NEVER Stops Growing!! :
Working along the same principal as iShare-Images, the VIDEO version of iShare is a fantastic and extremely fast growing archive of spanking movies from around the world. With only top quality clips accepted, screen-sizes of over 960x720 pixels are common.

iShare is a 24-hour video-on-demand archive, meaning members simply click through to the list of fully detailed videos anytime day or night, select whichever ones they fancy downloading, save the film to their PC ... and watch them entirely at their leisure!

Movies range from mild OTK spanking to very severe canings. Whether you're partial to some Male to female or Female to Male discipline, iShare has the lot!! - There were already over 1200 videos online at the time of writing this, but iShare-Video is growing so fast it's impossible to keep up!! - New video titles are added every single day and, at the rate of about 100 films per month, by the time you read this and get there many more will have been added to the boards!! - If you like CP videos, you'll love iShare!!
... with new movies added every few hours, it's GROWING bigger every day!!
Click Here to access iShare, plus 6-further spanking video areas INSTANTLY

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