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Although my site has many free samples, all iShare video content is fully available to download from my Club Member's area, AND also through the new BeeToken system ... Enjoy it however you wish!!
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BeeTokens never expire and can be used on 1000's of other PPV websites. To learn more click here. BeeTokens can be used for virtually all my iShare video downloads, and most of my image galleries! BeeTokens have no rebilling system, so are perfect for anyone on a budget just wanting to download! BeeTokens are the ideal way to view exactly what you want, whenever you want. Top-up as much as you like whenever it suits you. BeeTokens let you bee in total control of your viewing pleasures!!

What are  BeeTokens  .. or aka "Pay-as-You-Go" Tokens?

PAYG Tokens are an incredibly fair way of offering visitors entry to those parts of an Adult site that require some form of membership or similar payment to help cover a webmasters costs, and are often used as a form of rev-sharing for the models, so the more you view the more models do!!

Tokens cost just 10-cents to buy (USA, or 6p in UK money, and thereabouts too in Euros).
With tokens there are no passwords to remember nor contracts to sign, hence no repeat billing!
Plus you can use bee-tokens as online-coins not just here, but on many 1000's of other sites too!

Furthermore, your BeeToken WILL NEVER EXPIRE, so you may simply use them as needed!

With BeeTokens you ALWAYS know exactly what you're getting and you ONLY pay a small fee (a few tokens) for the exact parts of the site that interest you, so you'll NEVER get lumbered with generalised bills for areas and parts of the site that you aren't keen on or don't really want to see.

Bee Tokens work just like topping-up a prepaid mobile or cellular telephone account.

As part of the BeeToken Network - token holders ( you ) may freely use Tokens bought from one site to view or access content on ANY of thousands of the other bee-sites too, giving you literally millions of galleries, video downloads, and many other private access goodies to choose from!

So, if you have not yet experienced the magic of BeeTokens, click here to open your account, get 100 tokens and start enjoying all the freedoms that ppv offers!

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•   Do I need Tokens AND a Club Membership?

•   More Questions?
I have done my best to cover the basics of what all Token Holders need to know. However, if you have any questions on a topic I may not have covered, please contact me by email to ask me ...

... Other than that, please do Enjoy Your BeeTokens!!

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