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Please Miss .... Will you Cane and Spank my Bottom until it has welts and glows red from a good otk strapping!This FREE Sub/Dom Directory gives you DIRECT ACCESS to professional BDSM services and correctional punishments offered by private Mistresses, Dominatrix, Masters, Slaves and Switches from around the world. The listings are purely for direct contact purposes only and these services have no connection with this website! The Photo-Profiles listed in this directory all deal with correctional therapy and spanking in a submissive or dominant nature, or both. Many work from their own premises, homes, dungeons or may be available for outcalls to your home or hotel. Please see their profile for full details and further information, including contact telephone numbers, social media and or their website and email links.
All appointments are made directly between you and the Mistress, Master, Slave or Switch of your choice. This website plays no further role other than to offer you access to their contact details. Services offered may include spankings, canings, BDSM, role-play, humiliation, domination, submissive roles, bondage, master-servant relationships, and other similar acts. Please ask your selected sub or dom if he or she is willing to indulge you with your particular fantasy or kinky desires.

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Mistress, Master & Slave Glossary:

Below is a list of just some of the activities that might be available to you from your chosen CP Dominant:

• Fantasy role play
• Humiliation & Degradation
• Sensory deprivation
• Bondage & Restraints
• Mummification
• Spanking / Caning
• Whipping or Flogging
• Slapping & Punching
• Kicking & Bullying
• Interrogation & Torture
• Hot Waxing
• Corporal punishment [Light]
• Corporal Punishment [Severe]
• Golden Showers
• Brown Showers
• Smoking fetishes
• Mind Games
• Trampling
• Foot Fetish
• High heel / Boot worship
• Needle-play
• Knife-play
• Nipple Torture
• Testicle & Cock Torture
• Shaving & waxing
• Feminization
• Breath Control

Remember: These are just some of the possibilities. Your dominant may abstain from items on this list or
may indeed offer other services that we have not listed here. Your dominant will be happy to tell you more.
Don't forget to ask your sub or dom if they have their own homemade spanking videos or images for sale.

A-Z Glossary listing of frequently used terms, items and services
often assossiated with the CP, BDSM, S&M and Domination world:

Abrasion (scratching, wire-brush, etc)
Age Play (mothering; wet-nurse)
Anal Sex (anal plugs; butt plugs)
Arm Binders (restraints)
Asphyxiation (controlled)
Bathroom Use Control
Beating (soft or hard)
Begging (humbling)
Blindfolds and Gags
Being Serviced (sexual)
Being bitten / Biting
Breast / Chest Bondage
Breath Control
Boot Worship
Bondage (light and heavy)
Breast Whipping
Cages (locked inside)
Caning (Corporal Punishment)
Cupboards (locked inside)
Chastity belts & Corsets (wearing)
Choking or Controlled Asphyxia
Climax Denial (verge of ejaculation)
Cock & Ball Torture
Collars (worn in private or public)
Competitions (with other subs)
Cuffs (hand-cuffs)
Double penetration
Electricity and Voltage Play
Enforced chastity
Examinations (Physical)
Exercise (forced / demanded)
Exhibitionism (Friends or Strangers)
Eye Contact restrictions
Face sitting
Face slapping
Fantasy Abandonment
Fantasy rape or gangbang

Fisting (Vaginal)
Following Orders
Foot Worship
Forced Drinking
Forced Eating
Forced Homosexuality
Gags (with or without ball)
Housework (maid / slave service)
Human Puppy Dog
Humiliation (in private or in public)
Ice-cube sensory play
Kidnapping play
Kneeling and Worship
Leather Clothing
Leather Restraints
Lectures for Misbehaviour
Licking (non-sexual)
Manicures (giving)
Massage (giving)
Modelling for Erotic photographs
Nipple Clamps
Nipple Weights
Nipple Torture
Oral / Anal Play (rimming)
Over the knee Spanking (otk)
Orgasm Denial
Orgasm Control
Outdoor Scenes
Prison Scenes
Public Exposure
Pussy / Cock Whipping
Pussy Worship
Riding Crops
Riding the Horse (crotch torture)
Restrictive Rules on Behaviour

Rubber / Latex Clothing
Rope / Body Harness
Scratching (getting scratched)
Sensory Deprivation
Schoolroom / Headmistress Scenes
Serving (as an ashtray, furniture, maid, toilet, etc)
Serving Orally (sexually, cunilingus, blowjobs)
Serving other Dom(mes) - (supervised or unsupervised)
Sexual Deprivation (short or long term)
Slutty Clothing (in private or in public)
Spanking (hand, paddle, strap, etc)
Speech Restrictions (when, what)
Spitting - (being spat at)
Spreader Bars (legs / arms)
Standing in Corner / Time-out
Stocks and Medieval Restraints
Straight jackets
Strap-on Dildos (sucking, penetrated by, or wearing)
Strapping (full body beating)
Suspension (upright or inverted)
Swallowing semen
Teasing (insulting, humiliation, swearing)
Tickling (normally whilst restrained)
Triple Penetration (dildos or other)
Trampling and or Ball-Walking
Uniforms, fantasy roles
Vaginal Dildo (vulva or vagina)
Verbal Humiliation
Vibrator on Genitals
Voyeurism (watching others)
Voyeurism (your Dom(me) with others
Video (watching others)
Water Sports - Inhaling, drinking or spashed by Urine
Wax Torture (on nipples, balls, cock, back)
Whipping and flogging
Wooden Paddles
There are of course many others. Those that are listed above may vary from mistress to mistress.
If any of the ideas above appeal to you, please ask the mistress (or master) if they provide them.

The Sub/Dom Directory!
Bottom Marks
Global Mistresses, Masters & Slaves Directory

World-wide listings of Submissive and Dominant Mistresses, Masters and Slaves offering Professional Spanking Services ...