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... Story Originally Started by James (United States)
Last Updated on 02 Jun 2024 by James
James, the always naked pink bunny boy who never aged past six was desprate to see some girls nude too. He snuck into the locker room of the gym, and watched as they stripped to their underwear, although none got naked they chatted until one opened the locker he was peeking from. The girls screamed and grabbed James.You naughty bunny!The girls blindfolded James with a sweater and got fully dressed.How dare you peek on us, we're allowed to see you naked but you know you can't see us naked!The girls removed the blindfold so James could see their angry faces and one had a paddle.We're going to spank you hardJames whined but the girls were all bigger than him.Each one give him 20 swats with this paddle, as hard as you want.Said Jessica putting the nude bunny now crying over her lap face down. Jessica was like the leader of the girls. They nodded in agreement and smiled at James pink bottom about to turn very red.Don't cry yet James, soon you'll be crying a lotJessica brought the paddle hard upon James's poor young bare bottom. He screamed and sobbed, She kept spanking but just as the other girl started spanking the bunny, a teacher walked in.Girls, what are you doing in here? what's all this noise?Seeing a red faced and red bottomed JamesDid you take this boy?She asked crossing his arms. The girls shook their headsNo, we found him peeping on us, so we're spanking himJessica said truthfully.Oh I see, I have to tell his mommy about this, but keep spankingAll 13 girls spanked James giving him a burning dare red bottom. James, you better get home, yourmommy isn't happy. James knew he had to, but the bus didn't come for 10 minutes and it was raining far too hard to walk home. James rubbed his bottom but it took a while before any pain subsided, even though he knew it wouldn't last, He'd get spanked when he got home. When he got on the bus, he found it was hard to sit. Getting back to his house, Mommy was at the door, arms crossed, looking down at her penitent bunny. She scooped him up under her arm swatting his romp a few times before bringing him to the punishment roomWow, your bottom is already pretty red, but that doesn't mean you aren't gettin an extra 60 spanks from me.Mommy said picking up her own paddle. James was hit and the pain from the girls made his bottom feel like it was on fire again.If you ever do this again, your bottom won't be the only thing red, your penis and balls will be too. I will hit them with a wooden spoon, especially your tiny cock!James shivered as his bottom felt like it was on the sun.Now to the corner, no rubbing.James walked over to the corner in the living room, putting his paws behind his head. However, ten minutes later guests arrived. James blushed, he was used to others seeing him naked as he never wore clothes, but not used to others seeing him with a blazing red bottom. Did Mommy invite them over just to humiliate him? James could hear some chatting and they went to play cribbage, a game James didn't understand or playing. It was another 40 minutes before James was allowed out of the corner. ...
Ebony Female Dominatrix Maxxyne Payne
A sexy strict Ebony disciplinarian devoted to punishing all of you bad boys. Beat downs, scissor holds, spankings, ball busting and trampling. Exquisite Ebony domination by GoddessMax.
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