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... Story Originally Started by Shadowshade (United States)
Last Updated on 30 Jul 2022 by Shadowshade
It was Halloween night everyone was trick or treating and getting candy and 2 girls stumble upon a house that is abandoned or so they think and they are the ones getting tricked let me tell you the story of Alice And JessicaAlice I don t know if we should go here isn t it abandonedJessica don t be a wuss let s go insideI m not a wuss I m just
not planning on going to jailJessicawe canjust sneak In and sneak right outFine but don t blame me if things go wrongthings won t go wrong JessicaThe entered the forbidden house it was a 2 story house with a basement when they entered it was strange the lights were on and it was less scary on the inside than the outA-Alice Do You Think Someone Is HereI don't know but we can find out!ALICE PLEASE NO IM SCARED!Jessica You Stay Here Then And Ill go check it out I will look upstairs firstshe went upstairs there she found 1 master bedroom 2 kid bed rooms and 1 bathroom meanwhile with Jessica downstairsI can t just stand here I might as wells check the living roomshe went in the living room and then heard a screamALICE?!She ran upstairs and saw a figure in darkness in front of AliceAlice Get away from thatThe Figure Stepped Out Of the Shadows To Show Ms.QuinnWhy are you in my house childrenMiss We Thought This Was Abandoned we are sorry Alice saidThat s not the point if it was abandoned you still shouldn t be hereshe says angrily but calms downI m Sorry For YellingCould I Offer You Something to drink?The Girls Shook TheirHeads And She Offered WaterIts Good For Your Body You Need Lots Of ItThank You They Said In UnisonaNyTiMeshe laughs as they pass out. Jessica and Alice Awake In Separate Rooms while they hear loud noises coming from the living room Alice Woke Up First and noticed she wasn t wearing her Halloween costume she was wearing pajamas, same as Jess, Alice Slowly Opened the door and went into the room with Jessica and they were discussing on how they should escape cause Ms.Quinn Was A Crazy Person Alice Suggested They Sneak DownStairs And Try Not To Get Caught Cause Ms.Quinn Was in the living room watching tv or something. Jessica said, but the living room is right by the door so how do we escape when she is in there. we just have to try ways Alice said let s go now they head down stairs carefully but then Jessica tripped on the stairs and fell to the floor that got Ms.Quinn s AttentionWHAT ARE YOU TWO DOING!she demanded Jessica stated that they wanted to leave cause she s a crazy personTHAT IS RUDE AND DISRESPECTFUL TO ME!Alice Come Over Here To Me, she slowly goes to her scared of what will happennow you both are getting spankedAlice: You have no right to put your hands on us we will call the cops!The Cops Aren t Here Right now so your getting spanked or a whipping it s your choice Alice Didn t Want to get spanked but she didn t want a whipping those hurt she mumbled spanked Ms Quinn didn t hear her so she asked her to repeat it again and then Alice said spanked loudly and Ms Quinn said good choice, now pulldown your pantsyoung lady Alice: What please no!NOW!She pulled down her pants hesitantly and went over her lapJessica Go Upstairs and into the roomJessica went. Ms.Quinn Started Spanking Alice Over and over Alice let out yelps and pleas MsQuinn Kept Smacking Until Her Bottom Turned RedPlease Stop I ll Be GoodAlice Said
Your not even far from over you disrespected me so your getting the spanking of your life. Get over the couch and I ll be right back Ms.Quinn left the room and Alice started rubbing her bottom and then went over the couch as Ms.Quinn Came Back Alice Noticed What She Had And Her Hand And Started Sobbing Hard Ms Quinn: I m going to wear your ass out with this belt. CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! She Put the belt downHave you learned your lesson?Yes please stopokay you and Jessica are staying here for your whole life I m your mom now and never disrespect me again she put Alicein the corner ...
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