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... Story Originally Started by Lilyrose (United States)
Last Updated on 23 Aug 2021 by Lilyrose
When I was twelve I shoplifted some candy as I walked with my mom down the aisle in the supermarket. My mother caught me in the act and said that because I shoplifted candy, she will lift me by my waist and carry me to the customer service desk and report it.

I tried to change her mind but She quickly wrapped her arm around my waist and delivered me to the customer service desk as my body flipped horizontally my arms and legs swinging and dangling freely. She told the clerk what I did and the clerk said that since I m a young girl and can t pay, my mom should give me a well-deserved spanking.

My mom lifted me and placed my bare stomach (which became bare because my shirt got pulled up during the lifting process) over the counter. The clerk thanked my mom foroffering and servingmy naughty bottom on her desk! It felt very embarrassing my face was bright red and I felt the butterflies feeling in my tummy and began to panic, everyone will see my bare bottom is spanked on the clerks desk! And even worse they'll see how my bottom jiggles and bounces during the spanking! I tried to cover my buttom.

The clerk quickly grabbed my arm from the other side as my mother proceeded to lower my panties till my bottom was in full display. I tried to squirm and bounce my tummy off the counter but my arms and legs were being held down on either side of the counter so my helpless tummy needed to feel the smooth surface of the counter as all the customers watched my embarrassing bare tummy squirming and spanking. During the spanking my bare bottom jiggled and bounced and my tummy squirmed and squirmed as my bottom got a good spanking my bottom seemed to jiggle more with every hit it really didn't help that the highlight of a spanking is my jiggly bottom by the end my bottom was redder than my rooms wallpaper. It felt sooo embarrassing!

But my mom made it even worse when she then offered the clerk tofeelmy behavior. So she slid her hands underneath my tummy and starting feeling up my naughty tummy. I squirmed with even more embarrassment. They then decided my behavior was improving but decided my bottom could use a few more smacks and lifted my stomach off the counter and delivered me into the managers office and lay me across her desk bum hanging over the edge (with my moms approval) as the manager spanked my sorry bottom another fifteen times very very hard (that's 75 spankings!!), during this my mom discussed my behavior as she kept on brushing her hand up my stomachfeelingmy behavior sooo embarrassing.

Finally I squirmed out of my spanking and my mother let me pull back down my shirt and pull back up my panties but not before she delivered an extra twelve firm spankings to mysit spotsensuring I would remember how naughty I've been for the next week and lucky me I had school the next day I thought it was over my panties were back up I was rubbing my sorry bottom. But she made me stand in a corner panties half down for the rest of the shopping trip (10 minutes)

She said now I learned my lesson and will be a good well-behaved girl, Or mycute little bottomwill be needing alot more than a little bottom warming after that day I was very very well behaved for a long time ...
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