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... Story Originally Started by Milly (United Kingdom)
Last Updated on 02 Nov 2013 by Milly
I hadn't thought too much before inviting my friend Kerry-Ann back to my house, but then I hadn't thought too much of anything since that fifth double vodka. My stepmum was bound to be out, Kerry-Ann could crash on my bedroom floor, and she could probably leave in the morning before anyone realised she'd stayed over. I knew I'd be in BIG trouble if I was caught - especially the state I was in at the moment - but I'd turned 18 more than six months ago now, so I was also thinking that even if I DID get caught, it wouldn't be as bad as it had been last time. It's strange just how badly alcohol can affect your judgement!

So I nearly died of shock when the hallway light came on and a voice boomed-out loudly just as we were tip-toeing up to my bedroom.

'Oh yes young lady? And what time do you call this?' It was a question and a tone of voice I had heard a number of times before, and on each occasion it had led to same outcome - a severe scolding, and a well-spanked bottom - surely that wasn't how it was going to work out this time...not now I was 18, not with Kerry-Ann there...was it?

'Awww mum, it's only jusht gone midnight, can't we talk about it in the morning?' I pleaded. I don't know if was the way I was swaying, or the slight slur in my voice, but something caught my stepmum's attention, and it was very clear that the matter was not going to wait until the morning!

Grabbing me by the wrist, she pulled me back down the stairs and into the kitchen. 'You know what to expect young lady - I don't care how old you are, if you're under my roof you follow my rules'. I was bewildered for a moment, as I found myself unceremoniously pushed on to my back on the kitchen table, instead of front first as I'd become accustomed to.

'Mum - what are you doing' I cried plaintively as I felt my legs being hauled into the air, my skirt falling away from me. 'I told you to be back by 11 o'clock Milly' she replied, ignoring my question - and just look at the state you're in'! 'Mum.please noooo' I begged, but I knew it was futile - when she was in the mood to spank, then I wasn't going to get out of it. I felt her hand roughly reach under me, and tug my knickers up my legs, realizing I was exposing myself completely to her and Kerry-Ann I tried to cover myself, but she pushed my hand away, and started raining hard stinging smacks down on my bare bottom. I spotted Liz lurking in the doorway, looking aghast at the scene before her, and I wanted the ground to open and swallow me up - this was just too much to bear.

I couldn't believe how hard the spanks were landing, each loud retort making me wince in pain. 'Please mum..I'm sorry' I tried, but it was no good. She carried on spanking me, each spank adding to the sting of the one before, and I heard her scolding Kerry-Ann as she was doing it 'you're just as bad young lady, if your parents had any idea what you got up to I'm sure you'd be getting the same'. I saw Kerry-Ann smirking as she was being scolded, of course even if her parents knew what she got up to she wouldn't be getting THIS!

After what seemed like hours, but was probably only four or five minutes, and to my absolute horror, I found that the excess alcohol, the spanking, and the humiliation of having my private parts on full display had made me lose control, and I just couldn't stop myself from peeing. Of course, being in such a position, it went all over me, soaking my dress and even splashing on to my face. This just served to make my mum even more angry, and the final spanks landed with such force I forgot my embarrassment and just wailed like a little kid. 'You're a dirty, filthy little slut' I heard her calling me, 'Right.get up and clean that mess up - we'll finish this in the morning'. Meekly, and with what little dignity I could manage, I pulled my knickers back in to position, rolled forward off the table, and tried to smooth out my sodden dress. With my eyes full of tears and my mascara running down my face, I could hardly see what I was doing as I fetched a cleaning cloth to mop up the mess I'd made earlier.

Mum just stood there scowling at me as I did the best I could to clean the table, and Liz was standing there mouth gaping, she probably couldn't believe what she'd just witnessed, but I knew already she was going to have a field day with this when we got back to college on the Monday. This was turning into the worst day of my life!

Once mum was satisfied that the kitchen was in a satisfactory state she barked 'Right. Upstairs, both of you. And I don't want to hear a peep out of either of you, is that clear?' 'Yes mum', I mumbled, but Kerry-Ann seemed to have lost the ability to speak altogether, and just nodded feebly. ...
Once upstairs, I went into the bathroom, stripped off and cleaned myself off the best I could. When I got back to my bedroom Kerry-Ann had already made up a bed for herself on the floor, and was lying flat on her back, staring up at the ceiling. I got the impression she was glad we'd been forbidden to talk - I'm sure she didn't know what to say any more than I did.

Silently I slipped between the sheets, and reached out to switch the light off. I'd often felt excited after a spanking before, but I really wasn't expecting to feel quite so aroused on this occasion. I couldn't help myself, I had to move my hand down to where my clit was aching to be rubbed. 'Oh god, please don't let Kerry-Ann hear me', I said to myself as I tenderly slipped a finger into my moist peach, 'things are going to be bad enough on Monday as it is, without her knowing that I get off on it too'.

I'm not too sure, but I think she must have been asleep by the time I'd made myself come .. at least she never said anything about it to everyone at college when she gleefully related the rest of the tale! ...
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