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... Story Originally Started by Secretspanker (United Kingdom)
Last Updated on 07 Jun 2016 by Secretspanker
Summer School jULY 2015:'How does 10 weeks in sunny Swaziland grab you darling?'-Brian Montgomery 42,unveils the ultimate 40th birthday treat to his attractive Blonde Wife Sandra-she had always wanted to visit Africa ever since she was a girl!'but what about Rachel?'-refering to theirdaughter-a beautiful blue-eyed Blonde girl of 16'it's still mid-term!'-there had recently been a lot of cases in the newspapers of parents given heavy fines for taking their children out 'mid-term'-Rachel's pretty face fell when she was told the news!at school her form teacher-Mr Forbes,realised something was up-Rachel was not her usual,bubbly self,she eventually fessed up about not being allowed to go with her parents to Swaziland,Mr Forbes came up with an ingenious solution-she would attend Mbabane's little Church of England School from 7:00 am to 1:00 pm,her daily school work would be sent by e-mail to the laptop of her teacher-Mr Nzama,her exercise book would then be 'scanned' and the results then e-mailed back-the teachers back at her school could then 'mark' her work-then sending their results back to Mr Nzama-that way,Rachel remained in constant contact with her old school...the Montgomery's book into their luxury hotel in Mbabane-Rachel given her own separate apartment-it had a small kitchen,en-suite shower and a large bed-there was a cooling 'fan'fixed to the ceiling,her dad recomends she go to bed early-they had a lot to cram in tommorow!...Rachel's alarm rang at 6:00 a.m.,she made her own breakfast,showered and got dressed-pulling on a pair of tight-fitting white cotton sorts and a white cotton vest-she was determined to show off her lovely 'tan' to her fellow classmates when she got back!'i'm off to school mow mum,dad,byee!'-she calls as she passed their apartment-swinging her leather satchel as she goes-it contained her 'exercise book' and several 'revision' books-Brian opens the door 'hey!you forgot your school uniform!'-he holds up the crisp and clean 'St.George's Church of England School for Girls' uniform on its 'hanger'-freshly ironed by Sandra-he shrugs his shoulders and goes back inside...Sandra had been told of the route to the school by her dad-she had to go along a 'dirt' road which passed an area of swampland-she was horrified to see a huge crocodile coming up the road towards her!she was forced to take a detour-she ends up half an hour late at St.George's-she goes into the spotless new building-a swazi woman was at a reception desk to meet her 'Miss Montgomery for Mister Nzama's class?'she enquires 'yes!sorry i'm late!i got held up!'the woman grins-she goes to a cupboard and brings out a jar of some cold cream 'i think you may soon be needing this!'she said with a laugh-the totally bemused Rachel takes it,she opens the front of her satchel and put it in there with her pens pencils and rulers 'third door on the left!'-the woman points down a dark corridor 'thanks!'Rachel skips off-she sees a door marked 'Mr Nzama's class' and pushes open the door-she saw six rows of desks,with Swazi girls of about 15-16 seated at them-all with their heads down as a teacher writes on the blackboard-Rachel was disturbed to see a 'cane'hanging menacingly on a hook at the side,the teacher turns round 'ah!you must be Miss Montgomery!kindly take a seat and begin work!'-he gestured to the empty desk right at the front of the class-he turns around 'please explain why you are over half an hour late miss Montgomery!she were explicitely told that my classes start at 7:00 a.m. sharp by Mr Forbes!i hope you have a good explanation young lady!'Rachel,feeling very small in the presence of the six-foot Mr Nzama,clears her throught 'well,sir,there was a huge Crocodile on the road coming towards me!i... didn't wan't to get i took a different route to get here!'-the class exploded into laughter-it soon died down when Mr Nyama gave them all one of 'looks''and you really expect me to believe that?do you miss Montgomery?well,perhaps you would also like to explain why you are not in our regulation school uniform?i suppose you took it off and threw it the crocodile!'more laughter 'then when you had escaped it you went back home and put those things you are now wearing on!'-Rachel grimaced 'it's all true sir!'-Mr Nyama goes to the blackboard and takes the cane off its hook 'late for class-4 strokes!improperly dressed-4 strokes!lying!-4 strokes!''i wasn't fucking lying!'Rachel retorted-a shocked gasp comes up from the entire class 'and Blasphemy!8 strokes!'Mr Nzama gestured to three of his pupils-they carefully moved all the stuff off his desk and put them on a nearby table 'please take off your shorts and lay down over the desk Miss Montgomery!'...'and so i ran back here!'-Rachel was explaining what happened back at the hotel to her Mum and Dad-her dad give a big hearty laugh!'i forgot to tell you!they still use the cane in Swaziland's Schools!'TO BE CONTINUED! ...
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