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... Story Originally Started by Chip (United States)
Last Updated on 02 Nov 2013 by Chip
When Bobby's dad's rent house was vacant he would let us spend the night. As you teenagers, full of pimples and hormones, we played all the typical games young boys played. I remember that once we found a nude Marilyn Monroe calender that another tennant had left behind. Staring at her shapely curves really got our 'juices' flowing. Bobby said it looked like she'd played strip poker and lost. He then proceeded to convince me that maybe we should play a game, just for fun. I enjoyed seeing Marilyn naked from head to toe, but I didn't want my neighbor friend to see me that way. But he kept insisting, so I played, and naturally, I lost time and time again, until I had very little left to cover my modesty.

Finally I was forced to take off my underwear and pay a penalty. Embarrassingly my penis chose that moment to start to twitch, and then suddenly got really hard. Flushed red and staring down at my boner, Bobby found it hysterical and made me dance around him as he sat on the floor. As I twirled around, my hard penis flopped up and down and my naked white butt was at eye level for him. Suddenly, he reached out smacked me square on the butt! Before I could protest, he'd pulled me down to the floor and taken me across his lap where he began spanking me. He was larger and stronger than I was, so although I tried to wriggle away I knew I had no choice but to receive it.

SMACK-SMACK-SMACK went his hand on my bare flesh. My hardened prick was wedged into his lap and the total loss of dignity was such that I began to cry. That only seemed to make him spank me harder and faster. As I persisted to wiggled on his lap, my dick got hard still. As my bottom warmed, the pain seemed to mixed with new and unfamiliar feelings, exciting, tingling feelings, and I could now feel a wetness amid the pulsing of my shaft that I knew only too well preceeded the explosion I had experienced nightly ever since my brother had shown me how to 'jack off'.

Suddenly, Bobby stopped what he was doing and I got up. Even more humiliated was that he too could now see the clear fluid coming from my now very stiff and throbbing dick! I quickly grabbed my underwear to cover my shame. After I had dressed, he saidI--I'm sorry I spanked you. I just began to think you're not Marilyn Monroe. You're just playing nasty games and a spanking seemed appropriate .It-it's OKI stammered, looking down at the wet-spot I'd left soaking into his corduroys.I know we were just playing, and I guess, well I guess it just got a little out a of hand. Please, PLEASE don't tell anybody what happened!

Confused and embarrassed, I still felt excited and wondered what it all meant. Was I gay, or did I just enjoy being spanked by a man? I had been spanked by both my parents, but never bare butted. And I certainly had never ever gotten an erection with it before!

Although Bobby and I never played like that again, I often fantasized about being spanked naked even to this day. Honestly though, I now really want a strict woman to spank me, and I have several in mind. The top of my list being a well endowed 6th grader named Jennifer, whom, later at school, I would often dream about and try to imagine us engaged in a near fully sexual spanking encounter. .. But that's material for another story! ...
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