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... Story Originally Started by Spanking Secrets (United Kingdom)
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SPANKINGSECRETS.COM'S RHIANNA ... I went to this exclusive girls' school in the Midlands. My parents paid an absolute fortune to send me there. It was very strict and even the slightest infraction resulted in a spanking. I was shocked when I first heard this on my first day. Spanking? I often saw girls waiting outside the head's study or coming out, tearful, rubbingtheir bottoms and I dreaded the thought of ever having to endure a humiliating spanking. I kept my nose clean throughout school to make sure it never happened to me. When I got to the sixth form I became a prefect and sometimes I had to spank some of the junior girls myself. I didn't particularly like doing it but if I didn't perform my duties correctly the head would spank me! Then, one day, a few of my friends and me decided to have an hour's shopping in the nearby town during a free period. It was forbidden to leave the school grounds but we knew loads of girls who did it and they rarely got caught. Besides, we were prefects and prefects rarely got spanked. I arranged to meet my friends outside a new boutique that everyone was talking about. I waited outside the shop for a quarter of an hour but there was no sign of my friends. Then, the absolute worse happened. Miss James, my form mistress, passed in her car. She looked straight at me. There was nothing I could do. I was frozen, gasping, unable to believe my luck. the next day I was told to report to the headmaster's study during first break. I went and from inside I heard a girl being spanked. I knocked his door tentatively.Wait,came from within. I stood with my head bowed in embarrassment - everyone who walked by knew what was about to happen to me. Some girls even giggled as they passed. After a while, a junior girl came out of the head's study sobbing and rubbing her bottom. I touched her arm,does it really hurt?i asked. She nodded, sobbed some more and said,he said to tell the next girl to go in.She walked off still rubbing her bottom. That'll be me soon, I concluded. I tapped the door.Come,came the stern command. I went in sheepishly.I don't know what you've done and I don't particularly care. But if you've been sent to me you clearly deserve a smacked bottom.I thought quickly.Please sir, I'm sorry, sir, I'm a prefect, sir, and surely I'm too old to be. . .be punished like this-Quiet!he snapped.You've been a naughty girl so you're going to get punished the same as every other naughty girl in this school. Now come here and bend over my knee,he ordered. He was sitting on a chair in the middle of the room.. I walked slowly over to him. I stood hesitantly, nervously at his side.Come along, girl, I haven't got all day. Bend over my knee! This instant!So I bent over his knee. My head was low to the floor and I was conscious that my short, pleated skirt wasn't covering much of my bottom. Not that it made much difference because he promptly lifted my skirt to reveal my little white panties. I felt a sudden rush of humiliation. This was the most embarrassing thing ever - the headmaster was actually looking down at my panties, my bottom thrust up in the air! But worse was to come:very well, young lady, I'm going to spank you ten times across your panties and, because you're a prefect and should know better, I'm going to take your panties down and spank you another ten times across your. . .bare. . .bottom.I was mortified. It was bad enough he was looking at my panties but my BARE bottom? Then, I felt him rest his hand on my bottom as he lined up up the first. He spanked me hard and I yelped. It really hurt. This had to be the absolute worse. To add to my degredation he told me to count each one and say,thank you, sir.After the first ten were done and my bottom was on fire I still had the ordeal of my bare bottom being spanked.Vey well, young lady,he said,now I'm going to take your panties down.Please, sir, do you have to?I pleaded.Of course I have to, girl. You need to be made an example of for whatever it is you've done.And then he very slowly took my panties down. he took them down as far as the top of my thighs - enough to cover my feminine modesty but enough so that my bare bottom was totally exposed. Then, he spanked me on the bare skin of my bottom. halfway through he told me to say,I've misbehaved, sir, and I deserve to be spanked on my naughty bare bottom.That was the most humiliating moment. When it was over I was told to stand, pull up my panties, make myself respectable and be sure to warn other prefects what happens when they step out of line. I left his study with two little bits of dignity left - I didn't sob and I didn't rub my bottom. ...
Mistress Jessica in IRELAND!
My name is Mistress Jessica, Welcome To My World, to the domain of your darkest dreams of domination, to a place of pain and pleasure where fantasy becomes reality and you become the slave you were born to be - MY slave, the GODdess you were BORN to SERVE!
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