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... Story Originally Started by Gooner (Israel)
Last Updated on 18 May 2024 by Gooner
Samantha Simons was a 16 year old who really could think of better ways of spending her Saturday mornings than going round Ikea with her mother. But her mother needed new kitchen cabinets and a new spanking stool for her daughter for when she misbehaved. Now the best way to find the perfect spanking stall was to take her daughter with her.
Whilst walking around the store her mother saw this pink end of the bed stool whilst in one of the showroom bedrooms. Now Samantha I think this will be ideal for when I need to discipline you what do you think? Mummy I think I m too old for spankings now I m 16. Nonsense replied Mrs Simons. I was spanked by your grandmother until I left home. It s a good deterrent for naughty girls and help remind them how to behave in the future. Please mummy surely I don t need to be spanked anymore. If you behave yourself then there will be no need and I ll have wasted my money on this stall. If you are well behaved I ll have gladly wasted my money. There is nothing I d like better than for you to obey my house rules.
Now Samantha I think we will need to try the stall out before we buy it don t you?
What do you mean mummy? I think I was clear don t you?
Mummy you are not going to spank me here in the middle of IKEA in front of all these shoppers. Please mummy no, not here.
Mrs Simons was adamant. I really don t want to buy a stall and it s not exactly what we need. That really would be a waste.
No mummy please not here.
But Mrs Simons was having none of it.
Now I m going downstairs to buy a kitchen spatula in the utensil section and I ll be back up to to test the stall. In the meantime I want you to pull your jeans down to your ankles and face the mirror. The bedroom was a little girls bedroom with a full bedroom mirror in the corner. Whilst standing there and you will see yourself and everybody that comes into the room without turning round.
Samantha knew she had no choice. Experience told her that if she didn t obey it would only be worse and could even be bare bottom. She slowly lowered her jeans and stood in front of the mirror. Blushing like she d never blushed before.
Mrs Simons went downstairs to buy the spatula. Samantha was so embarrassed and could see people giggling and whispering. One family even came into the bedroom with their daughter and Samantha heard the father say to his daughter you see you are not the only naughty girls spanked.
Mrs Simons returned about 10 minutes later. Right Samantha shall we begin?
Please mummy not here. Not in front of all the shoppers and staff. But Mea Simons was having none of it.
Jeans completely off Samantha, good girl.Now please bend over the stall.
hands on the floor bottom up. Samantha was now bent over the stall, knicker clad bottom in the air ready for her spanking. There was quite a crowd gathering now. Tears were starting to run down Samantha s cheeks. There were even other family s who were getting ideas.
Mrs Simons lifted the spatula and thwaaack, thwaack thwaack the spatula was going cheek to cheek. Samantha was now crying her eyes out. The spanking went on for about five minutes. Red marks were showing from the lower part of Samantha s bottom. Finally it was over.Samantha was ordered by her mother to go and stand and face the mirror again whilst her mother straightened herself out.
Right Samantha I think this stool is exactly what we need. I want you to fold your jeans over your arm and pick the stool up and we will go and pay at the cashiers.
Please mummy can t I put my jeans back on?
No Samantha I think everybody needs to see what happens to naughty girls in our house.
With two hands Samantha picked the stall up Mrs Simons folded Samantha s jeans over her arm as that headed off to the cashiers.
At the cashiers Mrs Simons told the cashier that she wanted to pay for her daughter s new spanking stool. Samantha had never been so embarrassed in all her life.
In the car on the way home Samantha could hardly sit down properly.
When they got home Mrs Simon s told Samantha to put the stool in her bedroom and the spatula on it to remind her to behave. ...
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