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... Story Originally Started by Don (Canada)
Last Updated on 02 Aug 2022 by Shadowshade
Ross John was once again sitting in the living room facing his mom and stepdad Don.
It was well into spring and John was wearing a pair or Polo shorts and matching tee shirt.
At 13 John was a stunningly handsome adolescent with boyish good looks and skinny athletic figure.
Don had moved in about 3 months ago and since then, he and John had been butting heads.
John was a very rebellious boy of thirteen. He liked to skip school, do graffiti, smoke cigarettes and weed, drink, stay out late, talk back, and try to hook up with girls.
His parents had split up a year ago and John had been driving his Mom crazy without a man to discipline him.
Ever since Don had moved in, John's mom had been urging him to get John under control.
When Don asked what John's father would have done, she replied that John would have been given a long hard spanking on his bare behind.
Don chuckled.That's probably just what he needs.He mused.
After several more weeks of discussing John's bad behavior, the decision was made that John would be given a spanking from Don after dinner.
John sat in shock listening to his Mom and Don telling him that he was going to get a spanking.
I'm thirteen! He pleaded. I haven't been spanked in almost 4 months he added.
John this decision is final, Don explained.
Its either this, or you spend a week in the juvenile hall thinking about your behavior.
John definitely didn't want to spend a week in juvi so he finally gave in and stood up. Fine I'll just take my spanking. He conceded.
John smirked thinking that he was too old for a spanking and that it probably wouldn't even hurt.
Don took John by the arm and led him over to the spanking chair in the corner of the room. He sat down and then pulled John closer.
Don leaned John against his lap, lifted up the boys tee shirt, and then quickly yanked John's jeans and boxers down before easily lifting the 90 pound boy up and over his knee.
John looked younger then 13 laying over his step dads knee with his bare ass waiting to be spanked.
John squirmed a bit, but the first hand slap made him freeze as a very sharp sting settled into his bare bottom.
Again and again, stinging slap after stinging slap until John's tight little ass was solid red.
John bit his lip holding back tears as the last smack stung his bare ass.
Don's spanking had certainly been just as thorough and painful as the spankings John got from his real Dad.
Alright John, stand up. Don demanded.
John stood up, but when he reached for his shorts, he received a hard slap on his sore checks.
Ow! He yelled straightening up.
Not so fast John, your punishment is not over yet.
Now you are going to lean over the side of the couch and you will be getting spanked 5 times with my belt.
Just hearing that cause John to start to cry.
No please don't spank me with the belt. He pleaded.
John you are getting the belt and if you say another word you'll get double.
With that John bent over the couch.
Don gave John's bare ass 5 hard licks with the belt then sent him to the corner for 20 minuits time out.

UK male bdsm dominant master for hire
Potential for a wide scope of dominance, kinkyness, bizareness and extremity within safe, sane and consensual outlines. Bondage and Discipline, Dominant and submissive, Sadism and Masochism, Master and slave, Kink Scenario Role Play. Can play out long bookings with multiple sessions.
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