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... Story Originally Started by Dr Cameron My Study Tracy (United Kingdom)
Last Updated on 02 Nov 2013 by Dr Cameron My Study Tracy
Knock-knock.Come in.. With trepadation I entered his darkened study.Close and lock the door, then pass me the key , he barked from the far side of the room. I did as I was told, almost trembling. He instructed me to stand before his desk. He was in his full heads outfit of black mortar board and gown.

So, Templeton. You have been a naughty pupil today , came the retorical question.Please sir, it can't be me Sir, I am always good , I defended meekly.Not what your form teacher told me, you cheated in an exam .No sir I didn't Sir. Susan's paper was open next to me and was so so easy to see. Oh Sir I am so so so sorry Sir .

It made no difference. I watched him go over to the cupboard full of crook handles canes. He selected one.Oh no Sir, no, no... SWWOOOSHHH SSWWOOOSSSHHH .. he was testing it and seemed happy.Right, now young lady go bend over the punishment deskhe ordered. I protested immdiately,No Sir, No Sir, no no, not the cane Sir. Please Sir, not the cane!

At 18 years old this was my 1st time in his study to get C.P.Do as I say young lady. NOW!!.. Reluctantly I went and bent over the desk, stretched, hands grasping the far end, legs in, back arched, bottom up. He was behind me now, raising my navy blue pleated skirt. One final protest,No sir, no no no! .. Now you can see my knickers Sir . Smirking he replied,Yes, naughty Templeton, but I won't see them for long because they come down like this.His thick fingers slipped into the waistband and slowly lowered the last line of clothing protecting my poor bottom from what that awful cane was about to do.No Sir, please. Not on the bare bottom Sir, please no. They are very thin panties Sir, I will feel it through them Sir . But it was no use.You will feel it even more on the bare young lady . I burst into tears, but still he showed no sympathy. Down to my knees they came. Inside-out, my navy blue knickers rested just above my white socks, folded just below my knees. As I hugged the table and clenched my eyes tightly closed, my big breasts felt so squashed. He started to direct me,BOTTOM WELL UP NOW, WELL UP . I did so and felt his cane tap it's mark.

Please Sir, please not too hard Sir, it's my my my 1st ever caning and I'm really sorry. I looked at her paper by accident Sir, I am truly sorry . He never finished his next sentance,So you're a common cheater and you are in for ...SSWWWOOOSSHHH, TTTWWAACCKKKK,OWOOOCCHHH OWCH! . Oh my God, my ass just lit on fire and my knees stopped supporting my body.SIR PLEASE!!, Not so hard . I burst out into another flood of tears which flowed freely down my cheeks. With my bottom wobbling, trembling, the caning went on and on and on. It was burning agony and so so painful. A second to rest and try to breath. My throat choked-up I gasped for breath. SWWOOOSHHH, TTTWWAACCKKK, overshadowed only by my yelps, OOOWWWCCCKKK.

I counted 18 strokes, but my ass felt like it was hanging off. Thinking he had finished I wanted to stretch back and see if my bottom was in one peice, but my motion was halted when he stated loudlyNow for 6 of the best you cheater. Count these and thank me for each one.I did as told, fearing for more. SSWWOOOSSHHHH, TTTWWAACCKKKK,OWOOCHH 1 Thank you Sir , cursing under my breath, SSWWOOOSSHHH, TTTHHHWWAACCKKK2 Sir. Thank you. OWCH.. SSWWWIIIISSHHH, TTTHHHWWWAAACCCKKKK .. My poor bottom took all these strokes, as well as a few extras that landed on my upper thighs. The tears kept coming. I don't know how I kept counting. My bared buttocks full of red lines I knew would last for weeks and be seen by my parents as well as the other pupils. SSWWWIIIISSHHH, TTTWWWAACCKKK. ..OUCHHHH!, 4 Sir. Thank you ... SSWWWOOOOSSHHH, TTTTWWWAAACCCKKKKK, SSSWWWOOOOSSHHHH TTTWWWAACCCKKKKK .. Finally the last stoke had bee issued and I was ordered to stand up. I shot up like a rocket hands instantly clasping my bum cheeks, rubbing desperately. Still crying my heart out, I was left half naked, braless, my big boobs hanging free.

Calm down now Templeton, it was not that bad. Go to the corner, hands holding up your skirt, and face the wall . I shuffled over to the wall feeling humiliated and helpless. There I stood for 15 mins, contemplating what had just happened. My beaten bottom now on show to him who had punished it.

Right, sign the punishment book and adjust your clothes. You look like a tart. Get back to class. Cheat again and we will double your reward . I did not need to be told twice. I pulled my red glowing bottom back into my tight school knickers, straightened my skirt, signed his stupid book with a child-likeVery sorry Sir, I won't cheat again Sircomment. Still sniffling and clutching my ghastly red hot stripes I followed him as he unlocked the door and pointed to my exit. I am sure that nasty man followed my bottom all the way back to my classroom with his eyes, but that's fine as it will be the very last time HE ever sees it again!! ...
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