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My wife before we were married required and wanted to be disciplined often and at times very severely. She still does to this day. This is one of those punishments. After everything was all in the open she was very seriously punished after being bailed out of jail for a bond of over1700 dollars. We already had one rule for a punishment if she ever got arrested and bailed out of jail. 100 very hard strokes with switches that she cut herself. Jayne came up with this punishment herself long before this incident happened.
Now a little background of that night. Jayne and a girlfriend went out to the bar on a girl s night out. Jayne got way too intoxicated and left her friend, she decided she wanted to play around with this cute trucker who was there. She didn t know he was from my home town and was going to get a hold of me later that evening which he did with a very interesting story about this good looking brunette from the bar that rolled around in the sleeper of his rig with for an hour or so. She even left her spank me panties with the name Jayne on them in his sleeper. This all happened around 10 to 11 o clock in the evening.
He got a hold of me and came over to my house around midnight, all happy about his score with the brunette. He told me about the fine lady he met and bedded in his sleeper. I showed him a picture of Jayne and he said that was the girl. I gave him20 dollars for the panties we had some beers and he left around 1AM. Jayne had evidently left his truck and went back into the bar looking for her girlfriend which she couldn t find, so she left the bar. She should have taken a cab or called me, she was pretty lit up. Jayne drove away from the bar ran a red light, went down a 40MPH speed zone doing 65, did not have her insurance card in the car and got a DUI.
Around 3:30 she called me, still drunk but didn t want to spend the night in jail. She was crying because she knew and even told me over the phone that she would be cutting switches for the 100 hard strokes she had coming and deserved. I asked her what she was charged with and she told me and said she knew she was going to feel my belt but could I just please come down and take her home and we could discuss it on the way home. I told her I would but it would take some time to get a bail bondsman and that she was going to get more then just my belt. Jayne said I know I will and don t really expect to be able to sit comfortably for at least a week if not longer. All the paperwork was done by 5:15 and we were driving home by 6AM. When she got into the car she saw the 6butt plug and the nipple clamps on the seat of the car. Jayne had tears in her eyes and asked if she had to do it right now, I told her I would be nice we eat breakfast first and she could put them on and in afterwards in the bathroom. When we were walking back to the car from breakfast a gust of wind caught her skirt and blew it up and I made the commit of what you didn t wear any panties last night. She said no they got wet and ripped at the jail and she just left them there. I knew that was a lie but did not say anything. I asked Jayne what she thought an appropriate punishment would be for 4 tickets and a1700 dollar plus bond. She said that she knew that she deserved a very severe and harsh punishment one that would be painful and remind her never to do anything like this again. I asked if she had any ideas. Her idea was a week long punishment with the belt and razor strap. I told her that this sounded reasonable, go on elaborate. When we get home I will get my 100 with the switch then receive 50 on the back of my legs with the razor strap, every hour and a half I get 50 with the belt, at bedtime I will receive 100 with the razor strap. Monday through Friday I will get 80 with the belt and 20 with the razor strap. Next Saturday I am getting the same as today including the switches. I told her I would think about it.
When we get home I tell Jayne to take out the butt plug and remove the nipple clamps, you have a 1/2hr before you have to go out and cut 4 switches. Jayne went to the bathroom and cleaned up. I went and found the razor strap a couple of belts, the riding crop, the wooden backed hairbrush, a 2wide 16long wood paddle and a 4wide 16wood paddle with holes in it. Jayne its time to go out and cut 4 switches, I m going to put a timer on the less time you take the better and if and when the switches break you will have to do this again. Now I give her a bigger butt plug a vibrating dildo and nipple clamps that are more painful then the first ones with small chains attaching them to the butt plug. I turn on the timer an out the door she goes. She comes back in with 4 switches,
2 look alright but 2 are not going to last and I tell her so. By the timer it took 17min and 45sec to do this so I say 18 min. Jayne kind of whines about this so I pick up the 2paddle and smack her on the ass 5 times, no more complaints.
Jayne is told to get undressed remove the butt plug and the vibrater but not the nipple clamps. I even bounce them around a little bit. Her nipples look very sore. I pick up the smallest switch she has and inform her that it will be used until it breaks to much, then a mark will be put down on a piece of paper. Jayne is told see must count each stroke, any miscounts another mark on the paper plus 5 strokes on the back of the legs that don t count towards the 100 strokes. I then take a small thin chain run it through the two nipple clamps and have her lean over the back of a straight backed chair. Jayne is instructed to place her hands flat on the seat of the chair and I run the chain under the seat of the chair.
If see moves out of position another mark on the paper and 5 strokes on legs or the nipple clamps come off, mark on paper 10 strokes on legs. The first strokes are given. In the first 15 strokes each leg comes up once, on the 23 stroke a leg comes up and a hand goes back to her marked bottom. I mark one mark on the paper and tell Jayne that is the third time she has moved out of position, you don t have to count these next 5 strokes which are going to hard and fast across your legs but if you move I will give you another 5 just like them again. Jayne is crying in sobs now. At stroke 33 she miscounts, another mark and 5 more on her legs. Jayne stamps both feet on the 5th stroke on her legs. 2 more marks and I tell her now she will receive 10 more across the back of her legs. I let her have a slight rest and I put my hand between her legs. She tightens her thighs up on my hand and I feel her juices. I ask if she ready for her punishment to continue, she says yes I have been bad and deserve to be punished. I do not switch her thighs this time and start right across her bottom, by stroke 36 she hasn t started counting so I tell her that she had better.Jayne starts counting and at stroke 47 the switch breaks too much to use anymore. Another mark on the paper. 3 more strokes and Jayne reaches 50. Jayne is sobbing uncontrollably,
Her ass is very stripped and her thighs are very sore. I tell Jayne that she can rest for five minutes before we continue the rest of the switching. I tell her she can stand up and put her hands on her head and stand there. Do not rub you bottom. I go pick up the hairbrush and take it into the bedroom, get her lost panties and put both of them on the bed. I take off my clothes and go back out to were Jayne is still standing still crying and sobbing but not as bad now. I come up behind her my rock hard dick pokes between her wet legs her ass cheeks are hot. Jayne shudders when my dick touches her. I reach my arms around to the front of her and grab both chains on the nipple clamps and yank them off she screams.
I turn her around and kiss her, she goes to her knees and tries to put my dick in her mouth.
I let her for a tiny bit and then I pull away and ask her why she is being punished and does she think she deserves all of her punishment. She looks at me and tears in her eyes says yes, this is what I said I wanted you do if I was ever arrested, I deserve this punishment and it s what I asked you to do. Jayne go into the bedroom and get what is on the bed so we can continue your punishment then.
Jayne walks into the bedroom and I hear a short gasp when she see s her panties that she left with my friend and later lied too me about. Jayne comes walking back out with the hairbrush and her panties, she has a look on her face that says she is very sorry and very scared. She doesn t know what to say. I patted my lap and motioned for her to lay across my knees. As she did so she held very tightly to the panties. I told her that Bob was a high school buddy who I knew was going to be hear and stopped over after she had left his rig last night. Bob was quite impressed with this brunette he had met and told me about her, and it turned out to be you. Jayne was slightly shaking and starting to cry, and asked what I was going to do. I told her that I was still going to give her punishment for being arrested and the 4 tickets. Jayne I love you with all my heart but I am going to punish you like you have never been punished before. Instead of you not sitting down for the next week you won t be sitting for at least a month or longer. It took you 18 minutes to cut those switches right. Yes. You have accumulated 5 marks haven t you? Yes sobbing. I pick up the hairbrush and start spanking those red globes, 10 on each cheek, and 10 more on each thigh. This brought some real screams. Then I pushed her legs apart and started spanking the inside of her thigh 20 on each one, that virgin skin to being spanked turned red, very quickly. OK Jayne stand up and face me, spread your legs another 20 to inside of Jayne s thighs on the front. Jayne go get the nipple clamps that you really don t like and put them on then bring me the riding crop. Jayne is sobbing again as she brings back the riding crop. I stand up and take the crop. I instruct Jayne to stand with her legs spread apart put her arms and hands behind her head crossed. I then take the crop and bring it up between her legs very hard on her Pusey lips 25 times I whipped Jayne s Pusey. Jayne then tried to turn away.No Jayne you are going to get a very long and severe punishment for the nest month. Jayne is tied to the chair with her legs spread wide open and her Pusey right at the edge of the chair, next her arms are tied behind the chair and her breasts with nipple clamps still on are ready to be whipped.
I take the crop and strike each breast 20 times very hard. Next I whip the inside of each one of Jayne s inside thighs. Jayne do you deserve this punishment?Yes I do Whip my breast with a belt make them hurt I deserve to be whipped and beaten. Ok Jayne go in the bedroom and lay down on the bed on your back. I come in and tie her arms to each corner post at the top of the bed and spread her legs apart and tie them the same way. I then took off my leather belt and gave her Pusey and thighs 100 lashes and then gave each breast 75 lashes each. I then put my dick into that hot little cunt of hers and had one of the best orgasms ever. 2 hours later I put Jayne on her stomach and retied her and took the razor strap to her butt and thighs and inner thighs for the nexthr.
Jayne was punished like this for the next month. We have been married for 12 years now and Jayne still wants to be punished like this ever couple of months.
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