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... Story Originally Started by Chris Jones (United States)
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Little Brother My little brother Ross is five years younger then me. Despite our age difference we get along really well and most of the time he is a perfect little brother, but occasionally he can really get me mad.
Ross was always a rebellious kid and he got into alot of trouble at home and at school which usually resulted in him getting an over the knee, bare bottom spanking from our mom or stepdad.
Ross would get a spanking, and be good for a day or two, then he would be right back in trouble again.
At 11yrs old, Ross was a very good looking kid. He was slim, about 4'7 , 82lbs, with shiny black hair and big brown eyes. His skin was toned and tan. And he always had lots of friends and tons of attention from girls.
Ross liked wearing expensive basketball sneakers like NIKE and Air Jordans and I would buy him sneakers at the mall every weekend.
One weekend Ross and I were at the mall shopping. He had selected a pair of 250.00 Jordans and a sweatshirt that he liked.
At the register the sales clerk told me that he had a very limited edition pair of sneakers in the back that he knew I would like.
When he showed them to me I knew I would buy them even though they cost 1400.00.
I could tell Ross liked them alot too. He kept asking if he could wear them, but I told him no. I was saving them for a special occasion. I put the sneakers in my closet and forgot about them.
A few weeks later, my girlfriend was having her sweet 16, birthday party at a local nightclub. The afternoon before the party I was putting my outfit together. When i got to the sneakers, i took the box out and opened the lid. To my surprise, my brand new sneakers were scuffed and dirty. I knew right away that it had to be Ross. I was so mad I wanted to kill him. I went and told my mom what he had done.
My mom was sympathetic. She agreed that Ross had been bad and deserved to be punished. She said that since Ross had stolen my sneakers, I would be in charge of punishing him. She said that I could make him do chores to pay me back for damaging my sneakers, and give him a spanking when he got home from school.
I couldn't wait for him to get home. Ross had basketball practice until 5pm. I waited until his bus pulled up and he walked through the door.
The second he walked in, our mom began yelling at him for taking my sneakers. She told him that he would be doing chores for a week and also that he was going to get a spanking from me.
Go get in the shower, then get dressed and go sit on your bed and wait for your brother. She snapped.
Ross trudged into the bathroom looking dejected and took a long shower. By 6pm Ross was in the bedroom, sitting on the bed waiting for his spanking.
I walked in and noticed him tense up nervously. He looked so young and scared sitting on the bed. His hair was still wet and he wore a wife beater and a pair of red basketball shorts. He looked up at me as i shut the door. I'm sorry big bro. Please don't spank me,he pleaded.
I felt slightly bad for him but there was no question he still deserved a spanking.
You stole my sneakers after I told you not to touch them. After all the times i took you to the mall and bought you cloths! You're definately getting a spanking Ross, now stand up and pull down your pants.
Ross stood up looking very remorseful as I sat on the bed.
I'm sorry big bro,he repeated as he pulled his shorts and boxers down to his knees, then lay down across my lap.
I looked down at his tight little butt and thought of what he had done to my sneakers. I put my left hand on his lower back and began spanking him hard with my right.
Ross's body tensed up as my hand smacked his little cheeks. He squirmed but I held him in place continuing to spank him again and again.
Owww! I'm sorry! Please stop! Ross begged. His bare butt was starting to turn red from the hard smacks.
With every swat he would squirm and cry louder.
Soon Ross's entire behind was bright red and he was crying. I had spanked his bare bottom 25 times.
Ross, did you learn your lesson not to steal? I asked.
Yes! Im sorry!Ross wailed.
I hope you did, because next time you're gonna get the belt. I threatened, knowing i could never fallow through with whipping him. It had been hard enough just to spank him. Now i felt like buying him another pair of sneakers to make up for punishing him.
I promise big bro. I'm sorry. I love you. Ross replied.
I let him up and he pulled up his pants. I gave him a hug. He was still sniffling so I patted his back to comfort him until he got himself together. I love you too little bro. I said.
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