Free Membership Offer:
... and all the spanking videos you can possibly watch!!
Yes, it's true!! ...

Free Membership & CP Videos
in Exchange for YOUR Help!
WHY?? - The simple fact is that there are now so many new videos being added to my member's
area, and so quickly, that I'm struggling to find enough time each day to watch and review them all,
let-alone create all the video-image-grabs required to accompany them ... so TWO jobs are on offer.

JOB OPTION TWO .. (Part-time):
iShare-Video Image Master

What I'm Offering:
In exchange for your assistance in creating the image-grabs required for iShare, I am offering you a free six-months membership for every 50 images you create and upload. (PS. If you're able to work competently with Photoshop, you should be able to complete around 25 images per day treating this as a "job", or around 5-10 images if seeing it as a fun way to get free membership).

What I'm Looking for:
I need several reliable people who do not get bored and throw-in-the-towel after just 5-minutes.
Although you'll be working from a template (which I will provide), you should have a reasonable to advanced knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, and be able to work comfortably with it's layer tool.
You should have a superb "eye" for selecting the very best and most suitable image-frames from each video to help tell the film's story, and visually relay the movie's content to interested viewers.

You should ideally be working from a Windows PC rather than AppleMac based environment, as you'll be using GOMPlayer (freeware) to grab images from iShare's full range of video formats.
(If you can already grab images from all wmv, ram, asf, mpg, avi, flv, mp4 and mov files, then you are of course free to use your current software and whatever PC platform you're currently on).

Whilst your time is your own, you should be be able to return several images per day in order to keep up with the rate at which new videos are added. Ideally I would like to see your 50 images added within 2-weeks, (imaging should take you around 4-minutes per pic, plus however long it takes you to select the images from the video you're viewing), but you are free to add as many as you like on a daily basis, depending how many iShare videos you care to download and watch.

You MUST also be able and willing to image ALL videos, (soft to severe CP video content), and irrespective of whether the spanking action is male-to-female, female-to-male, or fetish in nature.

Although this position is being offered as a "fun posting", with a complimentary membership and all the videos you want, there is no limit to how many images you may create. Once you have finished your first 50-image assignment, you are most welcome to request another 50 videos and image those in order to receive an additional 6-months membership, .. and so on, and so on.

How to apply:
(Immediate Start!!) - If you have Photoshop installed on your PC and feel you have time and skills enough to assist with this post, just drop me a quick line telling me so. I'll send you an "image test", and once happy with the results, will activate your iShare image & free video panel.

... Use my Contact Me page to apply for this job post ...

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