Free Membership Offer:
... and all the spanking videos you can possibly watch!!


Yes, it's true!! ...

Free Membership & CP Videos
in Exchange for YOUR Help!
WHY?? - The simple fact is that there are now so many new videos being added to my member's
area, and so quickly, that I'm struggling to find enough time each day to watch and review them all,
let-alone create all the video-image-grabs required to accompany them ... so TWO jobs are on offer.

JOB OPTION ONE .. (Full-time):
iShare-Video Review Master

What I'm Offering:
In exchange for your highly qualified assistance in writing video reviews for all new iShare movies, I am offering you a free NON-EXPIRING membership for as long as you continue to provide the help needed, and at a rate suited to keep-up with the speed at which new videos are submitted.

A small but handy starting cash wage at $2'400 p/a also exists for your invaluable assistance, provided your iShare's reviews are exactly what the board needs, and are submitted in a timely manner. This is currently for about an hour or two of your time per day, so could very well rise!

What I'm Looking for:
Ultimately I'm looking for an expressive person with an extremely good command of the English language, (a retired teacher or published author would be perfect), who has free time to watch spanking videos on a daily basis, then write an accurate and honest review of their contents.

Your writing flair, and ability to summarise an entire movie into a few hundred words, should be at least as good as (or ideally better than) mine. You should be able (and willing) to help out with at least several new movies per day, depending on the rate at which users submit new movies daily.

Whilst this position is only being offered as a "fun posting", with a complimentary membership and all the videos you want, there is a strong possibility of a small monthly wage should your assistance prove invaluable .. or if over 10 movies per day become added to iShare regularly.

Reviews will need to fit the style, format (and length) of reviews currently seen on iShare. Whilst your word-count will vary from film to film, depending on it's content, an average review should run to somewhere in the region of 120-200 words. Personal opinions, abbreviations and ampersands should be avoided. Only remarks useful to the viewer (ie. quality or format issues) may be used.

How to apply:
If you feel you have what it takes (and are prepared to commit to such a post), then please send me a "test review" in the first instance. Simply select ANY video from iShare and write a new review of that film using your own words. (Ideally keeping it to under 200-words). Once qualified, you will receive an advance email each time a new video is added to iShare, and a special panel through which to post me your review. Go to my contact page to send me your "test" review.

... Use my Contact Me page to apply for this job post ...

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